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Hi, I’m Julie. I’ve been doing DIY all my life. I grew up tiling, painting and doing general jobs around the house with my mom, and we used to have a lot of fun. Over the years I’ve gained more experience and found my passion for building, installing and glamourising all kinds of spaces.

I feel there is a wonderful sense of satisfaction on seeing a needed item installed and fulfilling its purpose, or a space totally transformed.


I think women are so able to use tools and do their own DIY, and I want to empower anyone who wishes they were able to become their own do-it-yourselfer! I will be posting some useful DIY tips and videos on my blog and Facebook page for those who are interested.

My focus is providing a
handywoman service to women in the Cape Town area

I will come through to your premises to assess your requirements and then prepare a quote for you. You can then decide if you’d like to go ahead with the advised work.

Your requirements will always be managed by setting up timelines to complete your project, step by step.

I am always on site and if there’s a need to use other service professionals, I will oversee associate carpenters,

electricians and plumbers. Your maintenance and renovation needs will be met in a way that that is as easy, hassle free and clean as possible.

All materials will be sourced by me and where relevant, I will provide you with samples so that you can make the decisions in the comfort of your own home.


The work I can do for you includes:


  • Shelving; sourcing of shelves and installation
  • Painting – Indoors & outdoors
  • Installing of hooks, curtain rods & rails
  • Hanging picture frames, canvas prints and mirrors
  • Flat-packed furniture assembly
  • Changing downlighter globes
  • Hanging curtains


  • Installing splashbacks
  • Installing bathroom vanities
  • Installing of towel rails, accessories and cabinets


  • Re-painting kitchen tiles
  • Painting over existing cupboards and cabinets
  • New kitchen cabinets
  • Installing splashbacks


I help with de-cluttering and re-organisation in your home, making it easier to find your belongings and allowing you to make better use of your space. This can be as little as one messy cupboard or sorting through your entire house.

I can help you with:

– Re-organising your clothing cupboard, arranging summer and winter wardrobes and helping you clear out the clothes you no longer wear.

– Organising children’s clothing and create storage for clothing that may not fit but you would like to keep for younger children, or for memories.

– Creating systems for toys to help your children easily find their toys and encourage them to tidy up.

– Sorting through mail and paperwork and creating filing systems.


I can transform your new or old furniture with paint techniques and restore older furniture, whatever your style.

I can help you with:

  • Furniture distressing
  • Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint™ painting of furniture
  • Whitewashing technique applied to furniture
  • Restoring natural wood furniture or shelving
  • Wood staining and sealing your furniture

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